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To become an affiliate, contact us at

By becoming an affiliate for, you are agreeing to the HRVcourse Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions.

Shareable Media

As an affiliate, you have access to a variety of media images to use while promoting and the “Foundation of Heart Rate Variability” course. If you want to modify or incorporate the existing shareable media into other media or you want to use some that is not available, please contact us for approval.

Access and download approved HRVcourse media:

Social Media Examples

As an affiliate, you can of course generate a personal message to your network. However, if you choose, you can use or modify the examples we provide below.

For all of the following links, make sure to use your own affiliate link code. The part that matters for tracking looks like “?ref=ea5352” at the end of the link. Your links and code can be found in your affiliate dashboard.

Social Validation:

It helps increase confidence for the end-user if they see names they recognize on the course site as well. So it helps a lot to leave even a one sentence review on the course portal itself:

Example Tweet:

If you’re implementing HRV, I recommend taking the Foundations of Heart Rate Variability course:

Example Facebook post:

If you’re implementing HRV, I recommend taking the Foundations of Heart Rate Variability course:

It does a great job covering the foundational science, mechanisms and practical uses of Heart Rate Variability.

Example Email:

Hi [First_name],

I recently reviewed the Foundations of Heart Rate Variability course over at It does a great job covering the foundational science, mechanisms and practical uses of Heart Rate Variability, and I thought you’d really like it.

Here’s the link:



Sales Widget

If you have a website and you would like to display a sales widget for the “Foundations of Heart Rate Variability” course (see example sales widget to the right), use the following code but replace the Affiliate Code with your Affiliate Code. For example, 5fe699 in the code provided would be replaced with your Affiliate Code found in your affiliate dashboard “Settings”.

<div class=”thinkific-product-card” data-btn-txt=”Get the Course” data-btn-txt-color=”#ffffff” data-btn-bg-color=”#1abc9c” data-card-type=”card” data-link-type=”landing_page” data-product=”40801″ data-embed-version=”0.0.2″ data-card-txt-color=”#7d7d7d” data-card-bg-color=”#ffffff” data-ref=”5fe699” data-store-url=””><div class=”iframe-container”></div><script type=”text/javascript”>document.getElementById(“thinkific-product-embed”) || document.write(‘<script id=”thinkific-product-embed” type=”text/javascript” src=””><\/script>’);</script><noscript><a href=”” target=”_blank”>Get the Course</a></noscript></div>

Your Affiliate Dashboard

Sign in to the course portal at using your existing username and password or the one provided to you by us.

Once you are set up as an HRVcourse affiliate, your affiliate dashboard will be your default page when you are signed in. You can also access your affiliate dashboard menu by selecting ‘Affiliate’ in the top right menu bar next to your Profile.


Affiliate Dashboard Menu
  • General Affiliate Information: Details of your commission rate can be found here.
  • Your Affiliate Links: Unique product codes are listed here for you to share with prospects.
  • Financial Reports: See commission totals, and payout information here.
  • SettingsYou can change your PayPal linked email address here.

Your affiliate code can be found in the your Affiliate Dashboard under “Settings”, as shown below.


And, your Affiliate links are provided in the your Affiliate Dashboard under “Your Affiliate Links”:


You will receive commission credit when you direct prospects to the course site through these links.

Your affiliate code (example: 5fe699) can also be appended onto any links that point to the course portal, such as:; however, unless you know how to properly do this, sticking to the provided links will ensure you get credit.

You can also mask the links if you prefer. For example, you can create a 301 redirect link such as: which then forwards to your affiliate link. That type of forwarding (or “prettified”) link can look a bit better for sharing.

Tracking Your Commission and Payouts

Link tracking happens automatically. In your affiliate dashboard under “Financial Reports”, you can view the number of clicks/visitors and commissions generated from your links. You can also see your payouts as well as your Commissions Owed and Commissions Paid.



Commissions will be paid through PayPal so please confirm that your payout PayPal email address is updated in the affiliate dashboard “Settings” (see below). The payout email defaults to your HRVcourse sign in email if you do not update it. If PayPal does not work for you, please contact us with an alternative payment method.


Commissions will be paid to the affiliate no later than 45 days after the end of a month of generated commissions. This payout delay is to allow for any course customers to request a 30-day money back refund that will be updated in the affiliate commissions. As an example, we will process all payouts from June at the beginning of August and no later than August 15th.

Thank you for helping us expand our reach!

We’re glad the course will be useful to your audience. Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance with the HRVcourse Affiliate Program by contacting us through

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